Carpinus - Tokaj

The name of our winery, Carpinus (Latin for hornbeam, the English translation of the Hungarian name), is after Gyertyános, our largest current vineyard. During our lives we have had the opportunity to work and gain experience at leading wineries in and outside Hungary which we can put to good use in our family winery. It is our goal for Carpinus Winery to be an example of a Tokaj winery that with top quality work and family cooperation, without compromise, can run sustainably and build a stable position in the world wine market. Continuing local values established by families from the wine region is of particular importance to us.

We have 7 hectares in 7 vineyards in the Tokaj Wine Region: Gyertyános, Lapis, Deák, Budaházy, Poklos, Veresek és Dereszla dűlő. Our vineyards were classed first and second growths according to the historical classifications. We work with Autochthonous varieties and place the greatest emphasis on Furmint. We also grow Hárslevelű, Sárga Muskotály and Sauvignon Blanc.

Our expectations of ourselves are that by making the very best wine possible, we can present the natural assets and varieties of the varied terroirs of Tokaj Wine Region. We strive to cultivate our crop with environmentally friendly cultivation practices. The individual attributes of the vineyards (soils, aspect, microclimate) are expressed through our single-vineyard wines. Our wines are characteristically fresh, elegant and harmonious, and to be enjoyed.

— Edit Bai and István Bai

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